fran & flora
with guest speaker Nolan macgregor (CLIMATE CHANGE AND THE ECONOMY)

This event is part of ClimateKeys, a 'glocal' initiative launched Autumn 2017. Founded by London-based composer pianist Lola Perrin, ClimateKeys features musicians and climate change experts collaborating in performances that include a conversation with the audience about positive response to climate change. To date, over a hundred concert musicians and guest speakers in twenty countries have joined ClimateKeys. 33 concerts in 9 countries have already taken place, more concerts are being planned through 2018. ​

The performance takes place within POWPOWPOWER a month of events taking place at V3 dedicated to exploring environmental issues and our personal engagement.

30 November 2017 at 7.30pm
London, UK

Nolan MacGregor will be speaking about ‘commodity production’: how the evolving system of industrial production effects the lives of communities and individuals as they traverse lands and borders in an age of globalised economy and politics. He will pay special attention to the way this increasingly absurd system of commodity production is one of the chief factors in driving climate change.


100 Lower Marsh

London SE1 7AB


"The changing climate is a subject close to both mine and Francesca’s hearts and we are both keen to open the conversation with people wherever possible. It is alarming how much warmer this Autumn has been than previous Autumns, and I am distinctly aware of the fewer number of insects around now from when I was a child, not to mention other noticeable declines in wildlife and wild spaces. Environmental changes is a subject I frequently raise with people around me, but it’s uncommon that other people will raise it with me. If I moved away, it’d be unlikely that my friends or family would report back to me about changes in the UK unless I asked. Our ClimateKeys programme is based in conjunction with speaker Nolan MacGregor. We mainly play instrumental music from Eastern Europe and Greece, much of it inspired by migrating communities - a key theme of climate change. Our motivation for taking part in ClimateKeys is to bring the conversation around Climate Change and the environment from the fringes to the mainstream: how can we tackle climate change if we dare not talk about it?" (Fran & Flora)


Traditional tunes and songs from Eastern Europe and the Middle East, arr. Fran & Flora.

FRAN & FLORA This new collaboration between violinist Flora Curzon and folk/experimental cellist Francesca Ter-Berg combines aspects of traditional string music and song from Eastern Europe with original compositions and improvisation. Having travelled across Europe to study with many great masters of Eastern European Roma and Klezmer music Fran & Flora perform this repertoire incorporating their own unique arrangements creating a sound that is both timeless and contemporary. Fran & Flora embark on this new musical journey together after many years collaborating with groundbreaking artists including ‪Talvin Singh (Mercury Prize Winner), Sam Lee & Friends (BBC Folk Award winner), Hejira, Dunajska Kapelye, the London Klezmer Quartet, Cosmo Sheldrake and Frank London(Klezmatics, US).

NOLAN MACGREGOR is a writer, researcher and aspiring educator of social theory. He has a passion for helping expand public understanding of the fundamental issues facing global society in the 21st century.

The performance takes place against a backdrop of visual art:

Art-project space V3 presents Pow Pow Power: a climate change exhibition.

Featuring work by: Alex Moore, Ben C. Williams, Caitlin Iona, Charlotte McDonald, Christine Harrison, Darren Cullen, David Manley, Elsie Phipps, Frederik Marks, Julia Laird, Markella Koniordou, Sean Roy Parker, Sonya Bleiph, Theo Games Petrohilos and Wilson Oryema.