alexander schwarzkopf - composer pianist
guest speaker reese baker, CEO RAINcatcher inc. (santa fe, nm)

with contribution from poet john barney

This concert is part of ClimateKeys; a new global movement of musical conversations about climate change established by London-based composer pianist Lola Perrin. ClimateKeys concerts begin in October 2017 and are performed by musicians all over the world. Each concert include a guest speakers who gives a short talk about positive response to climate change and also a conversation with the audience.

14 November 2017 at 7pm
Albuquerque, New Mexico

"In the arid southwest ecosystem, human development brings with it a massive shift in the natural infiltration ability of rainfall. Road systems, rooftops and parking lots shed this stormwater off impermeable surfaces, concentrating it into fragile drainages that are extremely susceptible to erosion and pollutants. This stormwater is engineered to move as quickly as possible off these surfaces, and in general, is considered a nuisance. Stormwater is the key component and focus of our work, and utilization of this precious resource is proving to to be an extremely viable and useful way to regenerate these ecosystems that have been impacted by human development. Join us for a brief presentation of techniques that are being used to restore our southwestern ecology, and pioneer new developments to work with climate change issues." (Reese Baker)

Las Puertas

1512 1st St NW

Albuquerque, NM 87102

Tickets: $10 suggested donation

"When Lola Perrin invited me to become a part of ClimateKeys I felt an immediate desire to contribute to this effort to bring the discussion about climate change to our audiences. I thought it was a novel and well-conceived idea with only the best possible outcomes: inspired music and dialogue on the critical topic of climate change. I am premiering important new works of my own on my two concerts in November in Oregon and New Mexico.

“Liquid Piano” is an inquiry into process, form and movement in water. Liquid Piano consists of five pieces: Blue Pool, Frigid, Deluge, Bosque and VLA. Stylistically they range from the blues of Blue Pool, to the frozen landscape of Frigid, the free-form, underwater sounds of Deluge, birdsong from the Bosque and continuous variation in VLA. Liquid Piano investigates evaporation, drought, flood, frost, birdsong and imaginary radio waves from outer space. Repetition is an important element of these compositions as it is integral to the processes of the natural and manmade world. I employ specific pianistic techniques to characterize each piece, ranging from the silent depression and sustain of specific groups of tones that cause overtones to ring, to glissandi executed with the entire forearm in combination with extensive use of the sustain pedal. Liquid Piano is a result of my need to convey thoughts on some prominent effects of climate change and the importance of music in the process of inspiring further dialogue on climate change. " (ALEXANDER SCHWARZKOPF)



"Reflets dans l'eau" (Images I)

"Liquid Piano" (2017) -world premiere

"Bruilliards" (Preludes, Book II)

"Postulate" & "At The Water's Edge" from Dialogues (2008)
"Recycled Wheels" (2016)


"Ce q'ua vu la Vent d'Ouest"

ALEXANDER J. SCHWARZKOPF was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. Alexander has been a featured artist in concert and masterclasses throughout the United States, Brazil, Germany and Italy, where he was a finalist at the Val Tidone "Silvio Bengalli International Piano Competition.” Alexander is the recipient of the award Composer of the Year 2017 from Oregon Music Teachers Association. Alexander has held positions such as Visiting Artist on the Piano Faculty at the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque and faculty appointments at festivals in Germany among others. In 2016, Alexander released his recording of Steinbach's "Figures: 17 Choreographic Etudes" on the Centaur Records label. Alexander holds the degree Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance from the University of Oregon, and currently lives in Eugene, Oregon.

REESE BAKER; owner and founder of The RainCatcher Inc., is a certified permaculture designer who has been involved with green building, organic farming, water harvesting, erosion control, ecological restoration and permaculture in the Santa Fe area for over 16 years. He currently owns The RainCatcher Inc. based out of Santa Fe, NM. He holds a B.S. in Biology/Botany from The University of New Mexico and is currently involved in independent research focusing on the importance of rainwater and soil ecology in high desert ecosystems. Reese was on the board of directors for the Santa Fe Watershed Association, and the City of Santa Fe Water Conservation Committee. He has also taught classes on water harvesting, permaculture, and erosion control at Ecoversity, Plants of the Southwest, Santa Fe Preparatory School, Quivira Coalition, Earthworks Institute, Arboretum Tome, Permaculture Institute, Santa Fe Botanical Gardens, and Santa Fe Community College.The RainCatcher Inc., founded in 2001, is a full service design/build company that focuses on the principles of sustainability and how they are utilized in the southwestern U.S. Following the code of ethics set forth by the permaculture principle (care of earth, care of people, sharing surplus) The RainCatcher uses the implementation of water harvesting, water catchment systems, edible/sustainable landscapes, irrigation, wastewater treatment and reuse, erosion control and restoration to achieve these goals. Reese enjoys spending time with his family, friends and community. As a hobby he studies classical piano with internationally renowned composer and performer, Dr. Falko Steinbach, professor of piano at The University of New Mexico. He is an avid gardener, and loves to be outdoors and in the mountains camping and snowboarding. In his spare time, he is working towards a graduate degree in biology and works as a board member of Madres de Oro, a non-profit organization that focuses on teaching the implementation and design of permaculture techniques in the small community of Ribera, NM.

JOHN BARNEY is an artist and poet who has shown and performed work from New York to San Francisco, including Burning Man, Austin International Poetry Festival, Bay Area Fringe Festival and the Johnson Art Museum. While studying landscape architecture, he came out to New Mexico to work on projects at Zuni Pueblo and Albuquerque. Since moving to ‘Burque, he has shown work at a variety of spaces, including the Harwood Art Center, Magnifico, University of New Mexico and Third Street Arts. John currently is the Planning Manager for the Bernalillo County Parks & Open Space, and teaches part-time at UNM’s School of Architecture & Planning. His recent work is constructs a dialog between body and place. And he draws in his visual journal every day – and from there emerged the minnow!