5th June 2018 at 18.00
Abbadia San Salvatore, Italy

"On 25th September 2015, the United Nations approved the Global Agenda for the sustainable development, where the judgment was clear about the unsustainability of the actual development model, not only on environmental level, but also economical and social, definitely overcoming the idea that the sustainability is exclusively an environment issue, and declaring a unified vision of different dimensions of development. The problematics connected to climate changes and global warming, are nothing but one of the many aspects of environmental unsustainability of our economic model: we continue to pursue an infinite growth on a planet that is finished with the capacity of producing resources and garbage disposal. In this scenario Val d’Orcia represents an exceptional example of how the natural paysage was redesigned since the Renaissance to reflect the ideals of the good governance and to create a pleasant esthetical look. This is an expression of marvelous natural characteristics, but also a testimony of how much weight had the presence or absence of human interference and his awareness of depending on surrounding ambient resources, and using them in nondestructive way. But today, Val d’Orcia has to deal with exploitation of an important resource present in the territory: the geothermal energy. Such energy source, that has always been considered clean and renewable, and its exploitation, affects both the natural balance and the "ancient pact" between man and nature, imposing a careful and reasoned reflection upon the perspectives of this outstanding territory." (Prof. Georgio Sacchi)

Teatro Servadio

Via Pinelli 30

53021 Abbadia San Salvatore

SI, Italy

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"Climate changes are more than obvious, sometimes experiencing 4 seasons in one single day. We all notice, we talk about it, but are we really taking any actions to raise the awareness even more by also working on slowing down this process? This is the reason why we got interested in this initiative of Lola Perrin, thanks to my sister Marija Ligeti Balint’s involvement as pianist and composer. I like the idea of giving people a chance to think about these things through music, and involving experts in the field to engage in conversation, letting everyone express their experience and exchanging ideas that might give some answers to hows and whats. The concert programme is thought to be a spontaneous ambient improvisation, reflecting the thematics through how we feel about the human impact on nature." (Melinda Ligeti)


Free ambient improvisation

Melinda Ligeti – keyboard

Kristijan Simic – guitar

Norman Baiocchi – percussion

MELINDA LIGETI born 1978 in Pancevo, Serbia. Gained master degree in composition under prof. Vlastimir Trajkovic at Faculty of Music in Belgrade. She is a composer/singer/multiinstrumentalist/producer. Released 2 solo albums and various collaboration albums for the italian NetLabel Acustronica. Currently works as a vocal coach in Abbadia San Salvatore, Italy.

KRISTIJAN SIMIC born in 2000 in Pancevo, Serbia. He is a composer/singer/multiinstrumentalist/producer. Released 2 collaboration albums for italian NetLabel Acustronica, being the youngest artist involved. Performed with Melinda Ligeti Trio, Sétamùr, Flatland, Drops of Goulash. He is a founder and leader of the band Absent Boy, performing Kristijan’s original music. Currently studies at Rock Factory, Siena, Italy.

NORMAN BAIOCCHI born 1976 in Abbadia San Salvatore, Italy. He is a singer/composer/multiinstrumentalist/producer. Released many albums with his own projects Sétamùr and Misdea, published by italian NetLabel Acustronica, as well as with other cover and original bands and musicians (to mention Napoleon Murphy Brock from Frank Zappa’s band, among many others), collaborating also with several orchestras. Works as a psychopedagogist in his hometown.

GIORGIO SACCHI born 1976 in Siena. Graduated in Geological science with the thesis about geology and geomorphology of the eastern area of the Rift Valley (Ethiopia). He gained the title of Research Doctor with the thesis about geomorphology of the southern border of Afar (Ethiopia). After few years of freelancing as a geologist, he started working as a professor in high school, teaching earth science, chemistry and biology. In 2016 he got the license as a Qualified specialist environmental hiking guide, which he practices more for passion than for work. For 2 years he is teaching at Training courses for Hiking guide accredited by the Tuscan region.