jim rattigan (compositions and French horn),
rick simpson (piano)
Dominic ingham (violin)


This ClimateKeys performance coincides with the pilgrimage across Europe from Italy to Poland, carrying messages of change to COP24, the UN climate talks #climatepilgrimage

3 November 2017 at 8PM
London, UK

"I will be making the case for more collaboration between the arts and environmental sectors. The connections between these two areas are not often made, but they have much to offer one another. I will also talk about some climate change art initiatives that are already taking place in the UK, as well as my own search for a climate change play to direct." (Julia Marques)

St Augustine’s Church

One Tree Hill

London SE23 3LE

Entry free

Jim Rattigan

Rick Simpson, Dominic Ingham and Julia Marques

Through ClimateKeys I feel I can make a contribution to the debate by bringing in an audience who are encouraged, gently, through music, to talk to one another. It is a very small step but if millions of people made small steps like this it could turn into a ‘giant leap’. Many people are aware of climate change but do not have an opportunity to discuss it. This will give them that opportunity. My music reflects some of the world’s indigenous people who see conservation at the forefront of their existence. Killing the earth is the same as killing themselves. Which essentially it is. The music also reflects nature in general with pieces like ‘Jacaranda’ and ‘Barton Glebe’. (JIM RATTIGAN)


Music by Jim Rattigan

Jim Rattigan (French Horn)

Rick Simpson (Piano)

Dominic Ingham (Violin)

Trail of Tears



Barton Glebe

Sweet Tamarind

Former member of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra JIM RATTIGAN has performed with all the major London Orchestras. He can be heard on numerous film scores including James Bond and Lord of the Rings. Jim is a pioneering figure in jazz French horn both as a jazz soloist and as a member of various ensembles. He has performed with jazz musicians such as Michael Brecker, Bill Frizzell, Mike Gibbs, Steve Swallow, Carla Bley, McCoy Tyner and many others. He is also a band leader and composer.

JULIA MARQUES is a climate change dramatist who recently completed research into theatre as an alternative site of meaning making and space for thought on climate change. She is currently working in the environmental sector and is planning on directing an environmental play in 2019.