Artist Collective

The 'Let The Birds Have The Skies' artist collective has as its core members Lola Perrin, pianist composer and artist, founder of the international network ClimateKeys and Rob La Frenais, curator, writer and artist, who has worked in the arts since 1971.

Other members currently include artist Eléonore Pironneau and musicians Benjamin Pedemonte, Bernard Rommel, Federica Stevanato, Samuele Tacchini & Veerle Pollet .

Let The Birds Have The Skies did its first collective performance on 6000 km of Europe's railway lines in early 2023, collecting audio and visual samples from train passengers and doing micro-performances in dining cars of high speed trains from Brussels to Seville. The results were shown in an exhibition and performance at Gare Maritime in Brussels in September 2023.

This collective's latest work has been inspired by the earlier 'Play Piano for The Planet' behind a roadblock at a climate demonstration at Marble Arch, London, in 2019, with classical musicians in evening dress and tails playing continuously one after the other.